South Africa Action Plan

Climate South Africa Action Plan

Copenhagen is marking the launch of the new South Africa Climate Action Plan for climate change. It shows its adverse effects on South Africa and its people, and the action plan has been developed in partnership with stakeholders from different sectors. It was adopted during COP24, the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The plan sets out actions and interventions …

deforestation effect on humans

What is the deforestation effect on humans?

Forests are disappearing at a shocking rate, and this loss comes at a major cost to people all across the world. It’s well known that forest destruction is a driving force behind the extinction of plants and animals.1 But what, exactly, is the deforestation effect on humans?

It’s important to acknowledge that as humans, we are hugely dependent on …

climate change today

Climate change today, in the past and in the future

Since the 1970s, growing carbon dioxide emissions and resource depletion due to human activities have been raising concerns for global warming and climate change1. The science behind this phenomenon and its human cause is ever more unequivocal for every IPCC publication2. But this is not the first time there has been a great shift in the …

climate change bill

The climate change bill —what is it?

Government decisions are key to enacting change in countries. This is also the case for the climate crisis1—the government develops climate change laws that can help the country tackle environmental issues. A climate change bill is a soon-to-be law drafted by the United States’ Congress for this purpose; and they have developed several in the last few years…

5 steps to going green

Five Ways to Go Green

For those considering joining into the going green movement, it may be confusing to know where to start. The answer to that question is simply “start at the beginning and start simply”. 

If not taken slowly, going green can quickly become overwhelming. The following  are five steps to gently change your lifestyle to green, without completely trying to change your …