Five Ways to Go Green

by Etienne Boshoff

For those considering joining into the going green movement, it may be confusing to know where to start. The answer to that question is simply “start at the beginning and start simply”. 

If not taken slowly, going green can quickly become overwhelming. The following  are five steps to gently change your lifestyle to green, without completely trying to change your habits overnight.

5 ways to go green

One of the biggest steps you can take to save energy is to purchase the newest styles of energy saving appliances. There are new ones in every category, including refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers and hot water heaters. Computer users whether they are online trading broker, programmers/designers or any game playing kids, should use it effectively. Shut the computer down when not in use. If you are going green on a tight budget, start with the least expensive item. Possibly taking your oldest appliance out and purchasing a new one might be the best idea.

The 2nd step can be to lower or raise your thermostat in the summer and winter. One or two degrees won’t really be that noticeable, but will show up as a savings on your power bill, plus it will help conserve energy.

Number three could be to recycle more items. Cans, bottles and plastics are easy enough to throw into separate bins and then take to a recycling center once a month.

Number four is to buy products made of recycled materials, including grocery bags, organically grown cotton clothing and paper products. By doing this, you will not only be helping out the small businesses that are trying to be green, but you will also cut down on waste and pollution.

Number five is to try to avoid purchasing products made with plastics and Styrofoam. These two items are one of the major pollutants on the planet.

Try doing the above 5 steps gradually and see the difference you can make in the world.

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